Monday, July 12, 2004

July 12, 2004: Food, glorious food

At long last . . .

In the almost three months since I last posted, the twins have . . .
***cut some teeth
***moved to a new home
***started eating (a lot of) solid foods
***terrorized unsuspecting cats
***been christened

Collin has had a slightly more placid three months than his sister, mostly because right now he is a) less mobile, and b) less anxious about strangers and separation. Lilah, is crawling like a lobster on speed, and cruising around the furniture on two legs. But she wants to be held by or within eyesight of one of us almost constantly.

But the topic of this post is food, and so . . . a quick tour of the food history:
In late April, we introduced mixed grains and veggies. The kids weren't really sitting up yet, so they ate in their bouncy seats. We've been making most of our own baby food, so some dishes have been wild successes for their freshness, while others have just been way too strong. Take, for example, Collin eating sweet potatoes . . .
first veggies-web.JPG

When they both started sitting up pretty reliably in May, feeding was a bit easier, and we moved in earnest to three solid meals per day with bottles in between. We also are more determined to get them on a grown up schedule of meals, too, which means feeding them solids on the road, at mom-mom's house, etc.

Food at Mom Mom's-web.JPG

Since the move in early June, we've been really opening up their culinary horizons: frozen waffles, chopped-up mac-n-cheese, whole wheat cous cous with marinara, peach sorbet (as a palate cleanser, of course), pumpkin bread, the works. No meat yet, except for a little scrap or two of steak from Daddy's plate.

We are also getting them to take sips from adult cups. Collin is catching on very quickly.

big sip web.JPG

Now that they are eating grown-up food, Collin and Lilah have picked up on Daddy and Mommy's interest in fine cuisine. Not content with just baby food, prune juice, and milk, they're broadening their horizons constantly . . .

future oenophile.JPG

Posted by claycomb at July 12, 2004 7:58 PM


THEY'RE HUGE!!! And getting cuter by the moment. Thanks for the updates!!


Posted by: Kim Mittong at July 14, 2004 11:51 AM