Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beware cuteness

Picture 014
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This is Ian. Go to Flickr to see MANY more cute pictures of him. He is wildly ticklish, always hungry, recently recovered from a scary case of RSV (respiratory virus), and a man on the move. He loves to crawl and eat anything in sight, especially student papers, sibling lego, and cat fur (yum!)

And now (as of yesterday, February 1) he has a tooth!!!

Wonder Woman--don't trust her

Picture 029
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There are more recent pictures of Lilah as "Bad Kitty" up on flickr, but here we see her power revealed. This story to illustrate:

We often find ourselves long on kids and short on time/attention/energy on the weekends. So last Saturday I took the twins to the library while baby slept and Daddy showered. We got many Magic Treehouse books (Ninjas at Night!) and as we walked home the only way I could resuscitate flagging energy levels (we need a snack! Snack!!!) was to read aloud the back covers of all the books so we could pick which one to read first. As we crossed the pedestrian bridge to our house, an older couple walking in the other direction stopped and stared. The woman burst out laughing.

"Boy, are you lucky kids!" she said, "to have your mom walking and reading to you! She must love you!"

I smiled. Lilah looked from the woman to me, back to the woman, then back to me.

"Mommy!" she said, as if talking to a not-very-bright toddler. "Ummm, Mommy? Read!"

Future Captain Blood

Picture 026
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You remember, that's Errol Flynn's OTHER iconic role, as the swashbuckling, romantic hero who made women swoon. So while there are better pictures of Collin on our Flickr pages, this one is perfect for the story I am about to tell. As some readers may know, Collin is romantically inclined towards the daughter of one of my closest friends, a 5-year-old charmer with big brown eyes and curls. He has been calling her his girlfriend for over a year now and keeps asking when he can go visit her (sadly, she lives on the West Coast).

So when I swept up the Christmas cards we received this year to discard/store them, I offered Collin this family's card to put in his room along with a picture he keeps of his best friend. He was thrilled and immediately began to examine it closely. A moment of silence followed. Then:

Collin: Mommy, is that C----? (younger sister of the girlfriend)

Me: Yes, buddy. She's four now.

Collin: Wow. She looks like she's growing up.

Me: !!!!!!!!

Later, I found the picture under his pillow. Who was he dreaming of? We'll never know (because frankly, I don't want to!)