Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Picture 230
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Collin (pictured here looking lovingly at his little brother): Mommy, I have to tell you a secret. Duck down. (pulls until I do, then whispers.) Most all the girls in my class have crushes on me. Except maybe three, or two. I don't know. But mostly all the girls do.

Me: Wow. How do you know?

Collin: (shrugging) I just do.

Me: Well, do you like any of them.

Collin: (a bit loftily) No. I'm still in love with my girlfriend. (Macy Hekl, if you're reading this, you can rest easy.)

So should I be proud of my son for being a one-woman man at 6, or should I smack him upside the head for being a little punk? At least we needn't worry about HIS self-esteem.


Picture 263
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Here is what comes next: Ian falls forward on his face on the chair (deliberately) and allows gravity to pull him into a slow fall OFF the chair head-first, knowing that Daddy will not only catch him but propel him into a mid-air flip and set him gently on his feet, during which time he will both drool incessantly and giggle maniacally. When the flip is done he will attempt to climb BACK onto the chair to . . . you guessed it, do it all again.

The only thing that could possibly interrupt this game is the arrival of Molly the cat, partly because this is her favorite chair and partly because every time Ian sees her he feels the need to shriek like a very happy banshee and literally tackle her with his whole body, pulling out great hanks of fur and grinning.

Molly, who is heavily into masochism, apparently, permits this.

And just think, some day soon he's going to be walking. God help us all.

Ribbon Dance

Picture 257
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There are better pictures of Lilah up on Flickr right now, including several that suggest, erroneously, that she is an energetic and enthusiastic soccer player. (She's actually more like Garbo on the field, very languishing.) But this picture is true Lilah, because of the narrative that accompanies it.

See, she's a girl here, and a famous ribbon dancer gave these ribbons to her mother (whom she calls "Mother," in a very British accent during this game) and then her mother put them in a bag and gave the ribbons to her as a birthday present and she opened it and it was EXACTLY WHAT SHE'D ALWAYS WANTED--RIBBONS! and so she began to dance and even though she'd never done a ribbon dance before she was just lovely and did a wonderful ribbon dance and her mother--"Mommy! Stop feeding Ian and pay attention!"--was just amazed.