Monday, February 23, 2004

February 23, 2004: Update (without Pictures)

Apologies for the relative silence of the twins' site. A combination of factors, including both Ryan and Ann's return to school for the Spring semester, the recent incompatibility of our digital camera to a new version of Windows, and general sleep deprivation, have kept us from posting anything.

Still, a few facts:

After six weeks of poor weight gain, our babies began taking formula to supplement their more natural (and preferred) sustenance. Although she had only gained about 12 ounces in the previous 6 weeks, in the first two weeks after the new diet, Lilah put on a whopping 22 ounces. By now, both babies are probably over 11 pounds, and moving into 3-6 month clothing, which means one thing: hand-me downs!

After the last post about the nightmare night, we've also broken down and put the kids on a schedule. Now this isn't a rigid "you-eat-when-we-say-you-eat" sort of thing, but they're both napping pretty much in sync. We still don't have them sleeping anything like through the night, but currently we're getting them up at 10 for a night-time feeding, and they're usually waking up only once before the day begins at 7. Even so, without naps for mommy and daddy (which are pretty infrequent, given our workloads), we're only getting about 2 stretches of 3 hours of sleep per night. Dark circles indeed.

While Collin's hair situation has remained generally the same, Lilah survived a nasty case of cradle cap, but lost most of her hair in the process. It looks remarkably like her brother's now, which means that it is not only thin, but also much lighter than what she was born with.

As a result of all these changes, there is a lot more smiling, a lot less crying (on everybody's part) and a lot more fun. Collin's new favorite book is Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type, while lilah is currently obsessed with the Sadndra Boynton classic But not the Hippopotamus. Lilah is also fascinated by the TV, which means it's not on as much these days.

We will post some new pictures as soon as we can get them uploaded, but in the meantime, I hope this update will suffice.

Posted by claycomb at February 23, 2004 11:37 AM


click clack moo? that sounds awesome!!! i'm certain that's the best book about typing cows ever written. no wonder he loves it. this is one proud gf over here!

Posted by: fritz at February 23, 2004 11:48 AM

Isn't click clack moo moo that famous old song of the late 60's The "MOOOOOOOOO Train" or was it "Soul train"? No! I'm sure it was the "Moooooo Train"

Posted by: Pappy at February 25, 2004 2:09 AM

Just remember that Lilah's TV restrictions DO NOT include watchng our favorite daytime "Stories" together on Thursdays! AND I'm reasonably sure that once Collin gets all the characters and story lines figured out that he will be joining us as well.

Posted by: Mom-Mom at February 25, 2004 9:44 AM

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