Monday, April 24, 2006

The Big-Boy Bed!!

The Big-Boy Bed!!
Originally uploaded by Ryan Claycomb
As I warned you, more posts were sure to follow once I figured this out. So here we have a self-explanatory picture of Collin's latest landmark in his journey away from babyhood and into the land of, as he puts it, "my all-by-self."

Lilah's latest milestone, dare we call it that, is less visible, and frankly, less fun. She is the proud possessor of many new pairs of big-girl underpants, which she wore to the park today. She soon perfected the just-got-off-a-horse wide-legged stride of someone who has peed all the way down her legs and into her shoes (three pairs of underwear and pants in one hour, I kid you not) and the look of puzzlement has yet to leave her face when this happens. Here's hoping.

If you check out the latest pictures on Flickr, however, you will see that Lilah is quite zen about a lot of things, as she loves to practice "Echo," otherwise known as "Yoga." Collin has less patience for the poses, and insists on turning them all into launching positions for sommersaults.

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