Sunday, December 14, 2003

December 14, 2003: The rarity of sleeping

We wish this were the normal state of affairs:

This past week has been week six in our darlings' development, and we suspect that a sudden disruption in what was becoming a reliable schedule means one thing: Growth spurt.

The immediate effect of this has not been too-small diapers, or a progression into the next set of baby clothing (not yet, at least), but a screwy eating and sleeping schedule. And while Ann is affected by the former, we are all affected by the latter.

It all began last week when we had the kids out two or three days in a row. by the second day they were both getting a little overtired, but Collin especially was feeling it.

Several things conspired to make a long week. 1) Collin was over-tired, which meant that not only was he fussy when he was awake, he was having trouble sleeping well because he was so upset. 2) Collin has trouble falling alseep when he is not beeing held, which meant a lot of holding of the fussy baby by the soon-to-be-fussy parents 3) Lilah lives here too, and since she was also a bit overtired, but not so much, Collin kept waking her up with his crying. 3) This made Lilah very fussy.

Thursday evening was VERY Long. We started the bedtime routine early--about 5:30. They both finally got to sleep at about 8:00 slept for 20 minutes, and woke up hungry again.

Fortunately, Friday offered Collin some catch-up sleep, and we seem to be back on track a bit more by tonight (Sunday). But if we look sleepy in the next few days, you'll know why.

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