Monday, January 26, 2004

January 26, 2004: Skills . . . Mad Skills . . . Aptitudes

It has occured to us that since we last blogged and actual update, the children have doubled their age, from some six weeks to now over 12. In that time, Collin and Lilah have endured many tribulations and as a result developed many skills and talent with which to dazzle the world.

Both, For example, have learned to smile. These are not, mind you, cute demure little smiles the kind you might find on a mildly-happy-but too-cool-for-school babies you might see on Gerber (TM) products. These are full-on, I'm-so-happy-I-have-a-mouth-to-smile smiles. Lilah developed this talent right around six weeks, and Collin picked his up right around Christmas, and they have been using them ad nauseum to reward us for things like feeding them into a food coma, not disturbing the food coma, and cleaning up any diaper messes resulting from the
food coma.

Here are some examples: Lilah's is more typical, since we've yet to get a good Collin-grinning shot. His is more indicative of the happy feeling after filling his first diaper in five days (don't ask).

Collin is also developing some mean head-holding-up skills. Take, for example, this stellar photo of Collin's "good side." (his "bad side" looks pretty much the same):

[Collins Best Side.jpg temporarily missing]

Meanwhile, Lilah, practicing for the days some years from now when she will, with her friends, populate the malls of the nation, has learned to "hang around":

[jaunty girl.jpg currently missing]

(note: Daddy has not gained as much weight as this picture might suggest. It's just a big sweater)

Coming soon: More adventures of Puppy and Little Rhino, and some Christmas pictures!

Posted by claycomb at January 26, 2004 4:32 PM


Re: Lilah's and Collin'3s smile....They obviously have just realized who their Pappy really is.

Posted by: Pappy at January 27, 2004 10:22 AM

I hope you are keeping all of this for the children to read later.

Posted by: Betty Lou at January 28, 2004 11:42 PM

This has made a very, very, long, cold, hard
January worth while. Thanks.
Now get busy a let's take care of February!!!!
........tee hee!.........Love you all.

Aunt Betsy

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