Tuesday, November 2, 2004

November 2, 2004: Happy Birthday!

Well, some time has passed since the twins showed you any pictures, but they've been trying to find just the right poses. Collin preferred backlighting:

collin clapping.JPG

Meanwhile, Lilah was waiting for her chance to sit in a big-people chair in her favorite outfit (notice the nifty cowboy boots). Isn't she looking more like a little girl every day?
lilah's big chair.JPG

Over the past few months, physical skills have been progressing at breakneck speed. literally. Collin has been walking for just over a month now, and is getting pretty steady, although his first efforts were a little deliberate. Some early reports suggested that his motions were more evocative of Frankenstein's baby monster than an actual toddler. To wit:
Collin Walking.JPG

Meanwhile, Lilah has moved past simple steps into running, dancing (she loves her little drum machine to bop around to), and climbing. Leave a box sitting out and she will soon conquer its Everest-like heights. Leave a box next to the child's gate and, well, you've got trouble.

Lilah climbing.JPG

So as promised, for the first birthday, we promised a costume party and we delivered. Until we receive permission from guests to post their pictures, we will limit our offerings to the cutest guests present (all apologies to Tinkerbell, Mr. Elephant, Eeyore, and the blue Power Ranger).

Based on the wildly popular first installment of their children's book series, Collin's costume was a fetching puppy ensemble, while Lilah donned (most of) an adorable little evocation of Little Rhino, the cute character she inspired:
Puppy costume.JPGLittle rhino.JPG

And of course, there was cake . . .
Collin Birthday cake.JPGLilah Birthday cake.JPG

Lilah was bit neater with hers.

So it's been a year now, which at once feels like forever, and at the same time is merely a split second. I, like most parents, find myself missing many parts of my old life (sleep anyone?), but wouldn't trade our beautiful children for the world, or even any amount of sleep. They've grown tall, strong, healthy, happy, and in Lilah's case, hairy. Today's doctor's appointment finds them both at about 30 inches, and just under 20 pounds. A far cry from this:

Posted by claycomb at November 2, 2004 5:10 PM


I loved seeing the pics...thank you so!!!
I am well....doing the things busy elders do and missing seeing you come to visit at Veirs DR.
Maggy Dog just wore her Halloween scarf for the holiday and the twins birthday. Love from Lois

Posted by: Lois Renfer at November 2, 2004 10:17 PM

They are beautiful. We miss seeing the little ones over here amongst us seniors. These are especially meaningful to me - I have just learned I will be a first time Grandma in June. What we have to look forward too. (Just one baby hopefully) Give them a hug and kiss for me. Donna

Posted by: Donna Breslyn at November 3, 2004 7:15 AM

A Happy Unbirthday to Lilah and Collin. Looks
like you guys had a great time last Saturday. Was
it as much fun unwrapping the presents as playing
with them afterwards? I look forward to seeing shots of your guests especially Eeyore. Keep the pictures coming. They are always most welcome.

Posted by: Gramps at November 3, 2004 9:14 PM

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