Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ohh, Casanova . . .

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You look at this delightful picture of Collin in tights and your first thought might not be: "Well, I be this guy is good with the ladies."

But then you would be underestimating the subtleties of Collin's mind, as well as, frankly, the extent of his success wih the ladies. As evidence, I submit a conversation from the car just last week:

Collin: (coy) Mommy, I have two new girlfriends.
Me: Really, buddy? Who?
Collin: Naomi and Katya.
Me: (blankly) Oh. Wait--who was your old girlfriend?
Collin: (infinite ennui) Oh. Rachel.

And how does he get these girlfriends of his? Collin has figured out a tactic that his other male friends at school have not: tell the girls that you like princesses.

Next he is going to learn to love shoe shopping.

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natalie said...

Hee hee! I *love* that picture! Is that his new dancing dress?