Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day Desperation--we invent board games

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I know, I know, it’s been quite a while. Please chalk up our blog silence to the fact that we’ve been virtual prisoners of our own children since, oh, December 19th, when their Christmas Break officially began. Since then, they have had approximately 5 actual school days, the result of ear infections, fevers, and snow, snow, snow . . . as Lilah told me the other day: “Mommy, I’ve had a little too much Mommy and Daddy time lately.”

So what have we been doing? Well, as these few gems will hopefully illustrate, trying hard not to strangle said children for their precocity (or something like that. Perhaps a less-charitable word might be in order.) Collin, for his part, is so obsessed with the movie Kung Fu Panda (thanks Auntie Paula and Uncle Scott. No, really. Thanks.) that he has lost privileges to watch said film until mid-February. This is what happens when you:

a. cannot stop talking about the film, even while chewing, using the toilet, supposedly listening to a church sermon, and/or being told/read an entirely different story or watching an entirely different film
b. Kung fu kick your mother in the grocery store. Repeatedly.
c. Kung fu punch your sister’s head. Daily. Then fail to understand why she is crying.

As for Lilah? Well, in my own defense (I want an award for the not strangling), I offer up this story:

It was (yet another) snow day and Lilah requested a very specific lunch: one piece of bread, lightly toasted, topped with (in this order) one piece of American cheese, two pieces of lettuce, and several slices of tomato. She selected the tomatoes herself. I made the sandwich and put it in front of her. She ate the tomatoes, lifted up the lettuce, then said, “This is better than I thought it would be.”
“Oh? That’s great, honey. I’m glad you like it.”
Heavy sigh. “Mommy, can’t you tell when I’m being sarcastic?”


natalie said...

I love the creativity in making up your own board games! It'll be a few years, but we'll get there and will blithely steal from the brilliant things you've created. Hope Ann is feeling well and that the snow days let up so that the twins can tell someone else about Kung Fu Panda and get persnickety about their sandwiches!

scott said...

Sarcasam, sarcasam? I mean who doesn't love the way Lilah orders her mother around and treats her like "the mean queen"? It's just adorable.

In the meantime Anne, if you would like my old playstation 2 it's yours. It even comes with a Street Fighter game so Collin can learn some new moves. A round house kick to Lilah's butt when she gets sarcastic might be cute. With all the snow days he will have plenty of time to practice! Just doing my part to promote harmony in the household.