Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daddy's Big News

Originally uploaded by Ryan Claycomb
So this photo is not perfectly current, and it does not match the news, which is that Ryan's book, a collection of critical essays that he and a colleague from GW edited, and contributed to and generally ushered through the (grueling) publication process, is officially available. Rush to pick up your copy today!

However, the picture is posted because of this story:

Ryan (showing twins the book): Hey, guys, do you see this book?

Lilah: Is it for us?

Ryan: No, this is a very special book. See the two names right there? Those are the people who made this book possible. One of them is my friend Randi and the other name--see that other name?

Collin: (ignoring Ryan's pointing finger and instead responding to the enthusiasim in Ryan's voice) Ben Roethlisberger!

Ryan (deflated): Well, no. It's Daddy.

Collin: Oh.

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