Monday, September 13, 2010

Collin, minus tooth

Collin, minus tooth
Originally uploaded by Ryan Claycomb
(Note to the reader: the scene below is not related to the picture in any way, which is to say that Collin's relative toothlessness is not a result of his behavior. And in case you are interested, he has since lost the OTHER front top tooth and so now is really ready for his rendition of "All I Want for Christmas.")

Scene: Collin and Lilah are watching a movie. Mommy enters, holding spoon with chocolate chip cookie dough on it. Offers each child a taste, sits down between them and licks the rest of the spoon herself. They watch in relative silence. The movie ends. Collin leans over and punches Mommy in the mouth, smacking the spoon into her teeth and cheek.

Mommy: Oww!

Collin: The movie’s over!

Mommy: Collin, why did you punch me in the mouth?

Collin: I’m sorry. I was aiming for the spoon.

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