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Barbaric Yawp

Barbaric Yawp
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Yes, this is a picture of Collin, age 2 and 3/4, swimming in a Canadian lake at sunset. And yes, the expression on his face is one of pure joy, not--as you might reasonably think--shock at how cold the water is.

There is obviously a lot to tell those interested (i.e. those of you who read this blog either unprompted or when I send out reminders that you ought to read it) about our week in Canada with Ryan's parents and our good friend Erin. But since it's been a little while since I added a post, and since vacation stories are often so predictable (we swam, we ate, we applied bug spray, we swam some more), I'd like to do something different.

When Ryan first started this blog, he devoted a post to each child. Here's one to Collin . . .

"Mommy, hey--hey, Mommy, do you know what? When I was a little kid--(dramatic pause for effect)--I growed up to be a big kid!"

This he announces every day. He loves basketball, basketball shirts, basketball hoops, and basketball players (not that he knows any, but a random issue of Sports Illustrated in a doctor's office proved this). He also claims to love to swim, although he doesn't actually like to get his face wet or have his feet leave the ground. He would actually much rather stand ankle-deep in water (as he is in this picture) and throw rocks in the water ("I make BIG splashes!")

Highlights of Collin's Canadian vacation included the frequent consumption of chocolate ice cream, cart rides in Mom-Mom's golf cart, boat rides on Pappy's boat (including touching an actual, real-live fish), throwing rocks in the water, and, on one memorable night, refusing to go to bed and instead becoming the designated Yatzee dice roller in the game that Erin, Ryan, and I were playing. He was sitting in my lap while doing this so I didn't get the complete sense of how much he enjoyed rolling the dice, but Erin said the look on his face was close to maniacal. Look out, Vegas.

The final highlight of the trip was Collin's discovery, since we were mid-potty training when we left for Canada, that little boys can pee on the grass. And on trees. And in the lake. And on rocks. And on unsuspecting bugs . . . ah, nature.

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Yes....this is what little boys do....
Ah....youth...what did they say about it...and the young...:-)
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