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So the last entry was about Collin, who, when he grows up, "will be a man!" When Lilah grows up, however, she will be "a bunny."

What color bunny?

"A purple bunny." (Of course. So silly of me to ask.)

So, Lilah loved her recent vacation too, from swimming to boating to swimming some more to waking up in the morning to force her poor Pappy to read her a book without his glasses on. But what she really loved was having more customers for her restaurant.

Let me explain.

I recently taught the children (by modelling) the imaginative play game of "restaurant," where one person pretends to wait on the other person or people and bring them either plastic food on paper plates or even just imaginary food on imaginary plates. Lilah took to this game like a tyrant to a new and stricter regime, and in Canada, she had even more victims. Here is how the game proceeds:

"Hey!" Lilah declares at 8:00 a.m. as the rest of the cabin slumps blearily at the dining room table, "You want to play Restaurant-Restaurant?"

No answer needed. The game is on.

"Welcome to P-O-N-G-O Restaurant! What you going to eat?"

Suffice to say that her service-person demeanor lacks a bit of the humility and warmth that usually ensures a good tip, and also, yes, she did come up with the name of the restaurant herself.

Next comes the actual ordering and delivery of the food, during which she demonstrates her potential for world dominance once again, namely by occasionally telling people that the food they have ordered was unavailable EVEN THOUGH IT IS ALL IMAGINARY FOOD. She then sometimes simply throws the invisible food that she thinks the person ought to be eating ("You have peas!") in their general direction, and moves on to the next customer.

So, if you are not hungry, not in need of coddling or consideration from your waiter, and feel like sitting on the floor with a paper plate in your hand pretending to eat chocolate ice cream and lima beans for breakfast, make sure you try out P-O-N-G-O restaurant soon.

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I love reading this blog when the jungle gets boring and the internet cafe has for some reason uninstalled its air conditioning.
Lilah's goals of becoming a purple bunny have reminded me of something. We have this home video from when we lived in northern California where mom asks me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" To which I answered, "a football player...AND the tooth fairy." What can I say? I was ambitious...

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