Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Dance

First Dance
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Yes, I know. This is not a picture of Collin OR Lilah. It is a teaser, I suppose. If you go from here to the Flickr site you will see many fine, fine pictures of both Collin and Lilah at the event where this was taken . . . Unca PaulanNet's wedding. For adults, those names are Paul and Nanette, and they were married Saturday July 16, 2007 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Stanford Faculty Club. Again, there are many pictures on our site, of the happy couple, of various members of our families, and of course, of Lilah performing flower girl duties and Collin balancing two rings VERY CAREFULLY on a white satin pillow.

This event marked not only the start of Paul and Nanette's life together but many milestones for the Claycomb twins: first plane ride, first time in California, first wedding, first public dance performance--they took to the floor for "YMCA" and "Copacabana" just the two of them and were, well, not shy.

We also saw a long-time and close friend of mine, Mary Hekl, and her family, which includes husband Jason and Macy (3) and Kaitlin (almost 2 at the time) and had a blast with them. Collin was a little dismayed to discover that Macy had toys involving balls and yet didn't seem to know where the balls were. (How could you not know these things??? asks the 3-year-old boy. Macy looked singularly unconcerned.)

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. So wonderful that we left stuff behind at UncaPaulanNet's, so that next time we're there (which may be sooner than they're ready for us) we'll already have staked out space and Lilah won't need to ask (disapprovingly), "Unca Paul, where are all your toys?"

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