Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What's the reverse of "matriarch"?

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Because it should be clear who's in charge in this picture. The youngest female in our family runs the show. Just ask Gramps, pictured here having lunch with her (and her mom) after a morning at the zoo when she was escorted in her stroller past many fine exhibits. In true Lilah fashion, she liked the hippo and the meerkats best. Leave the elephants and the giraffes to other, more trend-following kids.

She enojyed ordering Gramps around and was equally delighted to see his face painted on the wall of the Greek restaurant where we ate. (It was actually Aristotle, as you can see from another Flickr photo, but hey, that's simply a tribute to Gramps' wisdom and erudition.)

The joy of living with Lilah is that you never have to worry about slacking off or falling out of line: she keeps you in it. As evidence, a recent conversation with our friend Dave:

Lilah: Where are your toys?

Dave: Uh, we don't have any now. But [with a new baby arriving soon] we will soon.

Lilah: Next time I come you will have toys.

Dave: Yes, uh, yes, we will.

Lilah: I need you to remember this, okay? Remember.

Now if only she TOOK orders as well as she gave them . . .

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