Sunday, June 21, 2009

Attic project complete!

Lilah's room (From bed)
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At long last, the attic is complete, and the kids have moved into their new rooms, which they love. There are several pictures up on Flickr, so you can see the results if you so desire, but the end result is this: after downsizing from 4200 square feet to about 1600, we're back up to about 2100, which seems just right for the family.

The kids love the new space, with separate areas for each for sleeping and playing. Lilah's got her new bed with a bookshelf headboard and drawer storage, while Collin has moved up to a full sized bed nestled in the eaves (though we couldn't manage to fit a full sized boxspring up the stairs, so it's a low bed....

Playing features include space for Collin's air hockey table, and a new "hammock" in lavender/blue/ink striped fabric in the corner to hold extra stuffed animals. The kids are actually asking to go play in their rooms this weekend, so the renovation seemd to be complete. We now have a few things to move into the guest room from the garage, and a little rearranging in our room now that the path to the attic stairs needn't be quite so open, but within a week or so, we should be really and truly settled in after late April's move.

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