Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ian at Rest

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So, do we begin to describe you?

We spent a lot of time chronicling the twins' first days, and since, honestly, moving from 2 kids to 3 has changed our lives so much less dramatically than starting out with twins did, it's less easy to observe those changes.

This is all the more true since Ian is a mellow sort, eating, sleeping, and chattering more or less predictably and smoothly since he came home a week ago.

As a father of singleton this time around, I'm doing a lot less infant care than I did with the twins, though I am doing about as much twin-care. Today, father's day, I got to nap with Ian, but I also took the twins to the park for soccer, catch and races. Ian, as a result, spends a lot of time like this: in Ann's arms, awake or asleep.

He doesn't like to sleep on non-human surfaces at all, and it's been a challenge to get him to sleep for more than about 45 minutes in a crib or bassinet...but he's slept for an hour and a half in the sling with me, and done similar stretches napping, snoozing, and outright passing-out with Ann.

But he's a beautiful boy, and I say that not only because he seems to resemble my baby pictures a lot, but because he's just plain beautiful. So far he's got my blue eyes, but I'm still holding out for them to change to his mommy's beautiful hazel.

But so far, perfect: healthy, strong, affectionate. And even if he weren't, I'd love him anyway.

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natalie said...

Happy (late) Father's Day! Sounds like a lovely one, with even more blessings this year than before. That's a gorgeous picture of Ann & Ian, too. Hope we can meet the little guy sometime soon!