Monday, July 6, 2009

Holding hands

Holding hands
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After three weeks or so, life with five in our house is settling in. Ian is growing well, having exceeded his birth weight by a half pound at his 2-week check-up. He's finally got his days and nights in proper order, and is starting to sleep for three- to four-hour stretches at night, a sign that someday he might sleep for five or even six hours at a clip.

The rest of us are doing pretty well, too. Collin is spouting into pure boyhood, and really wants to do nothing more with his summer days than to run, climb, kick, throw, swim, thwack, and any other highly physical activity you can imagine.

Lilah is taking her role of big sister very seriously, and in between dress-up and the craft of the minute, has found joy in giving her baby brother baths. She also had a great visit with Mom-Mom and Pappy, which was followed by a visit from Evie Rhody (accompanied graciously by her parents and sister!)

As for the grown-ups, all is generally well. Ann is recovering in due course, and sleep deprivation seems the worst (and most predictable) lingering effect. We've been happy to entertain visitors to the new baby and his family, with a few dinners with friends, plus the great weekend with the Rhodys...Uncle Paul and Auntie Nette come next, with Erin close behind, and Auntie Paula and Uncle Scott rounding out a busy July.

Meanwhile, I am simply trying to get my time in with the baby boy, rocking him to sleep, taking him on the occasional walk, burping him on my shoulder, hodling his hand. It's hard not to be consumed with these tiny things, and good just the same. At the same time, I'm trying to keep the twins engaged and active with trips to the park, the Claycomb family campout, the ice-cream store, and the park again...But with June over, I'm also returning to writing, trying to make more headway on the book project I'm working on, and beginning the planning for fall, which is--frighteningly--just around the bend...

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