Friday, November 14, 2003

November 14, 2003: Week 2

Collin and Lilah (yes, Lilah seems to be sticking, although "Paige" still pops up occasionally) turned 2 weeks old yesterday, and with it has come even more remarkable health. They have both exceeded their birth weight which is the two week target, and both are looking more adorable all the time. And as one who adores them, I should know.

Their last week has been a busy one, particularly Saturday.

The day started off with Collin and Lilah saying a "See you soon" to Collin's Godfather, Brian. Brian embarked on a return trip to Seattle, the city he will now (again) call home. We will miss him, but the kids both say they are looking forward to checking out what the West Coast is all about.

We also had another out-of-town visitor all week: Ann's friend Katy from Wellesley.

Katy has already been through the first weeks of parenthood with her two little ones Jack, 6, and Sam, 3. Jack sent along a note to our little ones, as well. I shall quote it in its entirety:

"Welcom Page and Collin I hope you have a grate time groing up. From Jack."

On the back is a picture of celebratory fireworks. Did I mention that Jack just started Kindergarten? Boy genius, surely.

That evening, we had a Wellesley reunion of another sort since Grandma Mirene (Wellesley '55) came over for a photo with class of '93 and class of 2025 grads.

Our friend Greg came over, too, but his picture was blurry.

In the meantime we've been experimenting with clothing. Since Ann wears blue all the time, and I happen to look smashing in my pink oxford (humility is another of my strong suits), and since there's a lot of laundry to do, we've had them in matching colors, (like in the duck suits below), or both in blue. Collin happens to look fantastic swaddled up in a nice lavendar blanket we have, but looks pretty much like a seasick elf in pastel green.

We have further helped out cats, Molly and Ziggy get to know the new residents. While Ziggy has retained his attitude of haughty disdain, Molly has moved from sheer terror, to curiosity followed by sheer terror, to occasional acceptance of quiet babies. Cryin babies still make her dash around like mad, prompting a purchase of new lampshades to replace the one she broke yesterday.

There will be more pictures forthcoming of other visitors, including a "drop-by" from Mom-Mom and Pappy, but they haven't yet been downloaded from the camera.

And finally, a rumination on disposable body parts. Lilah's umbilical cord came off this weekend, and Collin's is just about to drop. Back when my cousin Carla and her husband Ben (for whose children Ann and I serve as guideparents) had a toddler and an infant, Carla remarked to me that the most important and difficult job of a parent is to prepare our children for the day when they won't need us. Our little'uns are only two weeks old, and here is that first reminder. Yes, they need us for food, clothes, warmth and lots of love, but two weeks ago, they needed us (Ann, more appropriately) for Oxygen. Now they can breathe all on their own, and they're reminding us already: "Mom and Dad, I'm not so little anymore. I can breathe by myself thank you very much."

No Collin and Lilah, you aren't so little anymore, but I'll be darned if I'll still want to help you breathe long after you've learned. And besides, who cleaned off those stumps with alcohol swabs. Doesn't that count for anything? A phone call would be so hard??? Sorry. I digress.

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Ann you look terrific! These pictures are so wonderful. Ryan, I can tell you are not the least bit emotional......cough cough!
Please keep it all coming at least until Uncle
David and I can get there. tee hee.
This is the best/the twins are the greatest/and you two are not so shabby either!
Love to All!

Posted by: Aunt Betsy at December 3, 2003 9:52 AM

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