Wednesday, November 5, 2003

November 5, 2003: Birth Announcement

I am thrilled to announce that the famous Claycomb twins are here for an indefinite performance at Chez Claycomb, after a nine-month tour of the womb circuit.

Collin Francis Claycomb was born at 10:57am on 10/30, 2003. He was 18 3/4 inches, 5 pounds 12 ounces. He has his mommy's nose and very cute little chin, and apparently he wrinkles his forehead up, just like his Daddy did when he was first born, according to sources who wished only to be known as "Mom-Mom" and "Pappy."

Lilah Paige Claycomb followed a minute after at 10:58, but fearing she'd be stuck with the "little sister" moniker for the rest of her life, came out with a whopping 13 ounces on her brother, weighing in at 6 pounds 9 ounces, 19 1/2 inches. After careful consideration, she has decided that her name shall be, for the time being, "Paige." She will consider "Lilah" down the line, but she believes "Paige" better matches her adorable dark hair.

Ann is doing great, and coming home tomorrow. Nurses say her recovery is going remarkably well. She is pleased about the success of her "birth weight loss plan" (TM), although she does admit to some side effects, including the eighteen year, $100K cost of such a diet.

I am, of course, and emotional ball of nerves, but that's to be expected.

And without further adieu . . . the photos:


Fantastic!!!!!!!! Keep the pics coming. Can't wait to give them a hug.

Posted by: Betty Lou at November 6, 2003 9:32 AM

It's like looking in a window! Thanks for all of the online pictures. The babies are beautiful!!!

Lots of love,
Kim and Curtis

Posted by: Kim and Curtis at November 6, 2003 12:41 PM

Congratulations!! Glad they're healthy and doing well. Can't wait to meet them. Love and hugs.
Stu 'sTc' Goldman

Posted by: Stu Goldman at November 6, 2003 11:11 PM

cute pics. i was wondering if they are related to me somehow? please email me back if /'s or whatever.

Posted by: Jennifer Claycomb at April 9, 2004 5:56 PM

found your web site a had to take a peek.
congragts on your twins...and love the last name!

todd claycomb

Posted by: todd claycomb at November 18, 2004 2:16 PM

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