Wednesday, November 5, 2003

November 5, 2003: The First Seven Days

We here are more concerned about the babies than about the presidency, so instead of giving the "first Hundred days" update, we'll give you the first week update.

On names: While Collin is going to be called, well, Collin, we are still waffling on Lilah Paige's shorter nomenclature. See, while we both love the name Paige, and it represents the love of books that first brought Ann and I together, Lilah just seems to be fitting better. So yes, we ytold everyone that she'd be called "Paige,' but now we're not so sure. We're trying out both names and the little one will make her decision soon. For the purposes of this post, though, I shall call her Lilah.

On Pediatricians: We've found a practice in Greenbelt that we're quite happy with. When the kids met Dr. Glaser on Monday, he was a little, though not very, concerned that their weights had dropped 13 ounces each since birth. While a little weight loss is fine, more than a pound would be bad, and 13 ounces is getting close. He said we'd keep an eye on it. He also wanted to keep an eye on Lilah's bilirubin levels, since she's a little jaundiced. The return visit on Tuesday was Lilah and Daddy's first trip out just the two of them.

Today's visit yeilded much better results. Not only is Lilah's jaundice going away, each twin has gained seven ounces of their weight back since Monday. Dr. Berkowitz gave them a big thumbs up. They go back for their crucial two-week check-up next Thursday.

On schedules: Well, babies don't really do schedules, so our earlier effort to have them nursing simultaneously on a three-hour schedule has been thwarted by a growth spurt and by small tummies. Ann's sleep has been sporadic the last few days, and mine has only been a bit better (while she has to nurse them through the night, I have to actually get out of bed to change most every diaper or crib sheet or onesy that needs changing.)

On visitors: We've seen many of you over the last few days, and your concern has been not only heartwarming, but also helpful, since Erin Sadlack's baked ziti got us through more than one meal, for example. There will be a lot of visitors to our place this weekend and next, but if you'd like to stop on by, especially if you have weekdays free, just give us a ring.

On cute babies: Ok. You've wading through the text for the pitures, so I will herewith indulge.

So: our first family portrait, taken in the OR:

On the way to the nursery:

Their first night with Mommy:

Lilah relaxing:

Three generations of Claycomb Men

and finally, a portrait taken by Ann:

More pictures on the way, but for now, someone needs a diaper change.

Posted by claycomb at November 6, 2003 12:02 PM

These are all so wonderful! Uncle David and I
are very happy and so very proud. Keep the notes and pictures coming! We love all of you!!!

Posted by: Aunt Betsy at November 10, 2003 12:08 PM

Thanks for the updates! But what's the deal with the odd photo of the twins and a beheaded Ann? Hope to see you soon :)

Posted by: natalie at November 12, 2003 12:03 PM

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